Friday, August 14, 2015

Interlude - Meet the Cresties

I realized that I've been so focused on chronicling the build itself, I never introduced you guys to my geckos.  So, here's a small little introduction for each of soon-to-be inhabitants of my vivarium.


This little guy was my first gecko, purchased back in Sept 2014.  He's about 15 months old now.  Pyjak's a little bit of a runt, but he's got an awesome personality - he's super chill about being handled and will jump right into our hands when he gets excited to see us.  He's tailless, due to some escape artist foolery he pulled during a tank clean one time, but he gets along just fine now that he's used to being a little bit shorter than before.  Not quite sure of the morph - our best guess is flame chevron.  His hobbies include eating insects and getting freaky with our female, Penny.


And this here's my big little girl Penny.  We've had her since May of this year, she was 18 months when we brought her home.  She's a bit shyer than Pyjak - it took her a couple months to warm up to us and start being comfortable out of the tank.  Penny is our little athlete!  She takes home the gold in the long jump, sprints, hurdles, and even the coveted 'sit still while breathing really really hard' event.  Her other hobbies include chowing down on fruit and rebuffing Pyjak's romantic advances.  As near as we can tell, she's a buckskin morph.

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